Pardon the dust! We’re still under construction for the moment.

Here’s what we want to do in a nutshell. We’ll provide free conversion tools and standards for you to create early edition conversions of classic D&D modules. We don’t make money off of conversions you sell yourself; you keep all the profits!

Our first adventure conversion is ‘B4 The Lost Temple’. When you download this from the DMs Guild you’ll also get the source files to create your own products. It’s a pay-what-you-want product, suggested price of $3.99, but you can get it for $0.00 if you prefer. If you can do the interior content, we can help you with the cover.

Here’s how you create a ‘Classic Module Today’ adventure:

  • Find a B/X or 1e era classic D&D module that you want to convert. The module must be one that WOTC still has rights to. Search — if its for sale then they still have rights. You can buy PDF copies on or a hard copies on
  • Contact us at and let use know you want to create a conversion. We’ll announce that this conversion is in the works and you get ‘dibs’ on the conversion for 6 weeks. If you don’t finish the conversion after that time we’ll re-release the module as available for others to convert.
  • We only want one conversion per module.
  • Each module can have one or more Resource Kits (maps and such that the community creates and puts up for sale on the DMs Guild).
  • Download our free Dungeonesque Early Edition converter (coming soon).
  • Download the  template conversion of  ‘B4: The Lost City’ from DMs (coming soon).
  • Download the free font Andada from
  • After you create your conversion we’ll help you create the cover (we can even do it for you) and create the final PDF with embedded fonts.
  • In the days ahead we’ll be standardizing the conversion guide format based on feedback from the community. Conversions should follow this format so that we create a consistently between products, even though the products are owned by different people.
  • You then put it up for sale on under the name ‘Classic Modules Today: <Module Number><Module Name>’, for example ‘Classic Modules Today: B4 The Lost City’.
  • After its live on the DMs Guild, we’ll then list your conversion on our site along with notes about the original module, giving you free marketing.

Over time we want to convert most if not all of the classic D&D modules. We love these adventures and want all of them readily accessible for people who play 5e but want to run classic adventures!